Our Office

3693 State Highway 31 East Athens, TX, 75752

Phone: 903-675-3692

Fax: 903-677-5753

Information about reservations: karlee@disciplescrossing.org

Driving Directions

We recommend that you use Google Maps or GPS at your own risk. We have found that those directions are not always accurate and often confuse our guests, though they have improved in recent years.

Directions to the Camp from Fort Worth and Dallas:

From Fort Worth, take I-20 East to Dallas. From I-20 in Dallas take Hwy 175 South to Athens. In Athens take Loop 7 East to Hwy 31E. You will turn left toward Tyler and away from Downtown. Take Hwy 31E approximately 1 mile and the camp's main entrance is on the right.

Directions to the Camp from Houston:

From Houston take I-45 north to Corsicana. In Corsicana take Hwy 31E to Athens. In Athens take Loop 7 North to Hwy 31E. Take Hwy 31E approximately 1 mile and the camp is on the right.

Directions to the Camp from Tyler:

From Tyler take Hwy 31W to Athens. Two miles West of Murchison you will see the main entrance to the camp on the left.

Directions to the Creative Camp:

The Creative Camp is on the opposite (west-bound) side of Highway 31 from the Main Camp (east-bound). You will see another entrance and gate with a large sign that says "Creative Camp" on it. Most events are held at the Main Camp, unless otherwise noted in registration materials.


Mailing Directions

You may use our office address to send your camper mail during summer camp, but note that you MUST include the Camp Event Name, and you MUST send mail at least 2 weeks prior to the event. We will not be responsible for returning mail that does not arrive in time.

Camp Event Name

Camper Name

3693 State Hwy 31 E

Athens, TX 75752

General Inquiry

We'd love to hear from you! Reach out here with questions about reservations, facilities, programming, donations, or applications. We'll respond as soon as we are able.

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