Full Time Staff:

Executive Director:  Matt Chandler

Office Manager:  La Quita Cox

Foodservice Coordinator: Karlee Chandler 

Maintenance Director:  Jerry Servos

Director of Programming:  Emily Williams



Summer Internships

Disciples Crossing offers up to 10 spots for summer interns during the summer camp season.  Interns are integral to the success of our camping ministry.  They are often the behind-the-scenes servant leaders who make camp run smoothly.  Interns serve in many capacities, including: maintenance work, groundskeeping, housekeeping, clerical work, life guarding, silly song leading, campfire building, game playing, snow cone making, and more.  Summer interns begin their work in mid May and serve through mid August.  While they are here, their room and board is provided in addition to their salary.  Hours can be very long and physical work is often necessary.

Our internship is also much more than work.  It is a chance to do hands-on ministry and to serve God's people selflessly.  It is time set aside from the distractions of the outside world to discern about your future and about what God might be calling you to do with your life.  It is a chance to live in community with other Christians and to experience the joys and struggles of Christian community.  There is a strong bond that is build between interns that can turn into lifelong friendships.  It is challenging, rewarding, and can be the best summer job you've ever had.  It will also most likely be the hardest you have ever worked.  Either way it will be a summer that you will never forget.

If you think you're up for the challenge and would like to apply to be an intern for the 2017 camping season, email Matt Chandler at matt@disciplescrossing.org.




                                                                  2017 Summer Camp Interns

                                                                  2017 Summer Camp Interns