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What we are looking for in our summer counseling staff:

·      Member or an affiliate of a Disciples Congregation

·      Posses interpersonal and group skills

·      Able to help fulfill programming expectations set forth by camp Directors, Director of Programming, Disciples Crossing Programming Committee, and/or YMC.

·      Able to encourage and enable youth and children to participate fully in all that the Camp program has to offer.

·      Communicate by words, actions and attitude the camp philosophy to the campers.

·      Play a key role in supervising the safety of the camper and the spiritual nurture of the campers entrusted to them for the duration of the event.



·      Attend camp staff meetings

·      Complete background check and ministry safe training by deadline

·      Complete necessary evaluations and follow-ups to the event.

·      Teamwork is essential.  Therefore, counselors must:

                  1. Compromise personal preferences for the well‑being of the larger group.

                  2. Help out (mentally or physically) in any area as needed.

                  3. Adapt to situations and circumstances that arise at camp.

                  4. Fulfill all duties as assigned by event director.

                  5. Provide leadership, supervision, and correction during free time activities.

                  6. Foster a sense of community life.

                  7. Abide by the same community expectations as the campers by:

                              a) Abiding by community covenants and rules.

                              b) Following the guidelines, expectations, and goals of the event director, the camp staff and the camping philosophy of the Disciples Crossing.

                              c) Be of good physical health with a high level of physical, mental and emotional stamina.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in attending camp this summer as a volunteer staff member please fill out the form below and send it to Disciples Crossing