Each participant, parent and church must agree that campers can abide by the following covenant when they attend summer camp at Disciples Crossing.  (Agreeing to this covenant is part of the online registration process).  Thanks for agreeing to abide by this covenant, and for helping us make all of our events safe for everyone.


Participant Covenant:
In the spirit of forming a positive Christian Community while at this event, I agree to the following:

  • I agree to abide by the rules of the event as they are posted, announced, or given to me. I recognize that the rules are designed for the good of the whole community as well as my safety.

  • I agree to participate in all group activities as they are scheduled or announced and be present for the entire event. I understand that my participation is essential to the positive experience of the whole group.

  • I agree to treat others with respect. This includes, but is not limited to the way in which I behave, speak, make physical contact with others, and how I will talk about others when they are not present.

  • I agree to respect the authority of the adults who have been entrusted with making this event a safe and positive atmosphere, and respect their decisions regarding community life. Likewise, I agree to be a positive role model to others by maintaining attitudes of respect, patience, courtesy, tact and maturity.

  • I agree to treat the property and facilities with respect, recognizing that if damage should occur because of my negligence, I am financially responsible.

  • I agree to arrive at the event on time and remain at the event until the event has concluded.

  • I agree to refrain from the following:

    • Possession and/or use of some substances even if legal for you outside of the event community (including alcohol, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, pocket knives, unreported prescription drugs) and all illegal substances (including illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks and explosive devices).

    • Sneaking out of the dorms after lights out or leaving the event facility at any time without explicit permission of the event director.

    • Sexual activity, abuse or harassment (including any activity in violation of law or the purposes of the event).

    • Willful or thoughtless destruction or abuse of property (including unreported, accidental damages).

    • Wearing inappropriate clothing. See Tri-Area policies for clarification.

I understand that any violation of this covenant will bring the following specific consequences:

  • Immediate expulsion from the event at the expense of the participant’s family.

  • If the violation involves possession of a weapon and/ or illegal substances that local law enforcement will be summoned.

  • I also understand that the minister of my sponsoring church will be contacted regarding serious violations of the Code of Conduct.

  • I understand that I will be required to write a letter of apology to my sponsoring congregation and to the Tri-Area Committee before being allowed back to any Tri-Area event. 


If a camper or counselor does not abide by this covenant while attending one of our events, the matter will be forwarded to the Tri-Area Committee for evaluation.  The Tri-Area Committee is a group of volunteer leaders that oversee policy issues on behalf of all of our campers and staff.